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Tungsten Copper Polished Rod

Theoretically, tungsten is the best metal electrode material, it has high hardness, high density and high strength, the melting point reaches 3400℃ so that tungsten electrode has low wastage of electrode. However, there are two unavoidable difficulties of pure tungsten: 1. Hard to machining because the high hardness; 2. Cost too much. Therefore, tungsten copper takes advantage of the good properties of tungsten (W) and copper (Cu), which is an ideal electrode material.

Tungsten copper polished rod is composed of high purity tungsten powder and copper powder through isostatic pressing and high-temperature sintering, infiltration. It has good thermal and electric conductivity, good plasticity, high melting point and low coefficient of expansion, which futher improve the precision and efficiency of machining.

Chinatungsten can provide you less than 300mm (Length), tolerance(0-+5mm), more than 1mm (Diameter), tolerance(0-±0.5mm) tungsten copper polished rod. And the specifications can be made according to the customer's requirements.

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