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tungsten copper rod
copper tungsten rod
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Tungsten Copper Rod

Tungsten copper rod has two machining methods: turning and grinding. This depends on the diameter and customer’s requirement of dia. tolerance. If without special request, our tungsten copper rod Dia. tolerance is (0, +0.02) mm. the length tolerance according to the ISO2768 class C.

tungsten copper rod

Our tungsten copper rod has very good physical and mechanical properties. The largest normal diameter size is 200 mm, but we can still customize produce the different size according to the  special demanding. Our tungsten copper rod is widely used as EDM electrode, especially for the tungsten carbide EDMing; it also can be used as the resistance welding face insert due to the good hardness and high electrical conductivity.

Tungsten copper rod is consisting of pure tungsten (W) powder suspended in a matrix of copper (Cu), these alloys are known for good thermal and electrical conductivity, low thermal expansion, and resistance to erosion from arcing. Thus, they are often used as electrical contacts, particularly in high voltage applications. Most sizes and shapes can be supplied with short lead times. We can also manufacture parts from these materials to your specifications.

copper tungsten rod

Standard Sizes: (mm)

D2x200 D3x200 D4x200 D5x200
D6x200 D7x200 D8x200 D9x200
D10x200 D12x200 D14x200 D15x200
D16x200 D18x200 D20x200 D21x200
D22x200 D25x200 D30x200 D35x200
D40x200 D45x200 D50x200 D60x200

Standard Grade and Properties

Grade W Content (%) Density(g/cm³) Hardness(HRB) Conductivity(%IACS)
WD10055 W:55% 12.5 70 49
WD10070 W:70% 13.9 82 44
WD10075 W:75% 14.5 88 42
WD10080 W:80% 15.2 100 38

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